PopRevenue's Terms & Conditions

This Agreement shall govern participation in the Pop-under Advertising Network (Program) offered by PopRevenue.com. By participating in the Program, you will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Affiliate must complete and submit a Program application and registration form.

In order to be accepted, you must meet the following guidelines :

1. One month of being online and opperated

2. The layout must be functional layout

3. The content must be origional and comprise of more than one pages

4. The following are examples (including but not limited to) of the type of sites or applications that are not allowed to participate in the Program:

5. There are no link to spam in any ways, shapes, or forms

6. There are no viruses or malwarenon the site

7. The site may not artificially inflate impressions whether by automatically refreshing pages or ad placements

The publishers take the responsibilities to follow all the terms and guidlines as well as maintain all the information required.


PopRevenue is the only owner of all data from the PopRevenue network.


PopRevenue has the right to disable your network and suspend immediately any publishers trying to create fraudulently page views without payment


PopRevenue promises to protect all your personal information, without sharing, selling, or releasing for econimic purposes. However, in case of fraud or other situations related to the infringement of the terms, we may share it for special purposes.


Publishers should be online and resposible for getting up date with all their contact/ payment notification. It may be informed or updated in the website or through email, our social networks. The payment is request with threshold about $10 for paypal or $550 for Wire USD. PopRevenue is responsible for calculation of Publisher earnings. The earnings may be subject to an audit and adjustment based on. However there are no limitation to invalid clicks/ impressions and fraudulent activities.


It is not the responsibility or liability of PopRevenue if the content is delivered via the third party (advertisers). Publishers must be fully responsible for all liablity which sterms from websites/ contents of publishers. Maintaining the account, publishers are supposed to indemnify, defend and hold PopRevenueharmless from all factors: claims, laibilities, damages, losses…, and costs that may occur. 

Limitattion of liability

PopRevenue and our customers may not take responsibilities when they fail to deliver adsvertisements, content/website errors. However, there is no limitation to Internet problems, technical problems, terrism, enviromental disasters,...


The terms may be changed at some certain times without notification. Please keep in mind that you should visit our site regularly with up-to-date information.

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